Memes, the next big thing.

The one internet trend that attracted my attention is the rise of the internet memes. Memes can take many forms,from popular meme character such as Bad Luck Brian, Socially awkward penguin or Troll face, to just a regular photograph with a catchy meaningful caption. While the idea of meme has long existed, the internet has dramatically increased it’s popularity especially among youth. Indeed Internet memes provide a whole new medium for people to visualize their ideas.It is a new avenue that never stops growing. As our world is constantly filled many significant events,new memes are introduced in the internet everyday.

But what I find the most intriguing is that internet memes can have multiple genres. While the most common genre of a meme is just a simple joke for entertainment purpose, many other memes carry a certain message, often political. Attached below are links to 2 internet memes. One is a joke made during the recent Superbowl halftime show, the other expresses the issue about cyber surveillance and data collection performed by the NSA.

Like anything else, internet memes are not all perfect. Meme artist might sometimes accidentally or deliberately offend certain people. They can be spreading false information. What is even more concerning is that some people might exploit the popularity of internet memes for their own advantage. So is the age of the internet meme good or bad? Should we be concerned about it? You be the judge of that.


Victor Nicholas Shen Loong Gan



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